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AMWA Voices 9

September 15th, 2015


Evelyn Ishmael and Ciranna Bird 

"For many years I was a high school English teacher and a volunteer writer, and I obviously had a degree in English and I had a degree in writing. I decided to retire and try my hand at writing for other people."

—Evelyn Ishmael

"What attracts me about medical writing is that I can reach a broader audience and convey my enthusiasm for science learning, but bring it to people who can be intimidated by the difficult concepts and bored by the aspects of science that aren’t important to them."

—Ciranna Bird

AMWA Voices 10

September 15th, 2015

Hongbo Zhu photoNing Zheng photo

Honbgo Zhu and Ning Zheng

"Over the past decade, China has quickly become one of the largest pharmaceutical markets in the world and a key player in global and regional clinical trials. To better serve the growing medical writing community in China, in late 2013, under the leadership of Ms. Xiaoling Wang, a few local medical writers established a formal organization for the growing medical writing community in China."

—Hongbo Zhu

"AMWA is very useful to a student. I was amazed that there is such a big community in North America for the medical writers and soon felt at home."

—Ning Zheng

AMWA Voices 11

September 15th, 2015

Douglas Haneline photoBrian Bass photo

Douglas Haneline and Brian Bass

"I have a feeling that at least until pretty recently, relatively few people said to themselves when they were 17, 'I’m not going to be a fireman or a nurse; I’m going to be a medical writer.' Medical writing was there, and either they stumbled into it or they realized when they arrived at this certain point that it was a logical next step for them."

—Douglas Haneline

"At the end of the day…the test of efficacy for medical writing is, does it contribute to the health or the good of people who are sick, or people who want to remain healthy, who need to know more information?"

—Brian Bass

A quick welcome to AMWA’s 72nd Annual Conference

October 4th, 2012

AMWA's 2012 Annual Conference Administrator Brian Bass with a quick audio message for AMWA members in attendance at the AMWA meeting in Sacramento and those at home.

Networking 101 With John Hadley

September 10th, 2012

As a podcast supplement to the September 2012 AMWA Journal, Victoria White spoke with John Hadley, a career search counselor who offers suggestions about how to network at a conference. He had spoken at a meeting of the AMWA Delaware Valley Chapter last year.