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An Introduction to AMWA Voices

September 16th, 2015

As the American Medical Writers Association celebrates its 75th anniversary, the AMWA Journal is celebrating the individuals who together form AMWA. We extended an open invitation to AMWA members to step forward and hold conversations with each other about, well, almost anything, so long as there was a connection to the theme of medical writing and editing careers or to AMWA. We wanted to hear the voices of AMWA. As we launch AMWA Voices, we have 11 conversations for you to hear.

AMWA Voices 1: Art Gertel and Max Losi

AMWA Voices 2: Barbara Snyder and Peggy Boe

AMWA Voices 3: Cyndy Kryder and Donna Miceli

AMWA Voices 4: Jim Hudson and Sue Hudson

AMWA Voices 5: Ruwaida Vakil and Lori De Milto

AMWA Voices 6: Amy Rogers and Bliss Mishler

AMWA Voices 7: Kara Sorrell and Kathy Wekselman

AMWA Voices 8: Szymon Brużewicz and Debra Gordon

AMWA Voices 9: Evelyn Ishmael and Ciranna Bird

AMWA Voices 10: Hongbo Zhu and Ning Zheng

AMWA Voices 11: Douglas Haneline and Brian Bass

Edited and condensed transcripts of the recorded conversations are available in the AMWA JournalAs you will see and hear, the participants took a variety of approaches to the wide-open assignment. Some discussed their personal medical writing histories, highlighted the services AMWA offers, pondered how medical writing has changed through the years, contemplated the business side of freelancing, or looked back at how they met each other or became involved with the organization. Some participants even paid very close attention to the initial suggested time limit of 5 minutes—and created a 5-minute conversation! (Thank you, Jim and Sue Hudson, spouses who have given much to the organization over the years.)

Within these conversations, we hear from 6 past presidents of AMWA—Max Losi, Art Gertel, Sue Hudson, Barbara Snyder, Douglas Haneline, and Brian Bass—whose tenures in office span from 1987 to 2014. We hear from people who have experience in regulatory writing, continuing medical education, hospital public relations, website design and writing, medical content marketing, and journalism. Geographically, we have participants from across the United States and from 2 other countries, Poland and China.

I hope you enjoy perusing these pages and downloading the audio. If you are interested in contributing an AMWA Voices segment of your own for a future issue, please drop me a line. I would also love to hear what you think of the AMWA Voices project.

—Victoria J. White, Editor-in-Chief, AMWA Journal