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AMWA Voices 4

April 4th, 2016


Jim Hudson and Sue Hudson

"I looked at the Sundaynewspaper and saw an opening at Medtronic. They mentioned that they had a 4-daywork week and 36 hours. Bingo! Off I went for a job interview."

—Jim Hudson

"Your client asked if you knew anybody who had expertise in FrameMaker, which was an authoring tool that people used for writing manuals. It happened that I did; I had a lot of experience with FrameMaker. So they hired me to do some conversions of documents intoFrameMaker. While I was converting, I noticed a lot of things that needed editing, andI got permission from the company to edit it. Eventually, I was working for them as aneditor and a writer, all freelance. From there, I joined AMWA, and many of my AMWAfriends gave me leads on other jobs. That’s how I got into medical writing."

—Sue Hudson