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AMWA Voices 12

December 17th, 2015


Melanie Fridl Ross and Victoria White

"I think also as far as AMWA’s contribution to my own professional development, having been able to get involved in committee work and then to work in an officer position at the state level as president of the Florida chapter and then from there, national level committees and the Executive Committee and then eventually, assuming the role of president. Those leadership skills that you learn along the way carry over to the workplace."

—Melanie Fridl Ross

"One of the things that really has always stuck with me was a class I took with Guy Whitehead, who besides having a great name, taught a great class (on sentence structure). I remember him posing a question: 'How do you know when you’re done editing a sentence?' Then he said something like, 'You only know you’re done when there’s nothing more you can do to improve it, when every piece locks into place.' That’s a pretty high standard, but it’s kept with me as I have gone along and looked at sentences. Once you dive in and go sentence by sentence, you kind of recognize that most of the pieces aren’t really falling into place yet. But it’s something to strive for."

—Victoria White