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September 16th, 2015

Art Gertel and Max Losi

"I remember doing Student’s t-tests and chi-square analyses, so you did your own statistics. You basically were a chief cook and bottle washer when it came to the analysis, interpretation, and communication of the data from these clinical studies. Of course, at that time there were no PCs. So you handwrote your report, gave it to the typing pool who then typed it up, gave it back to you for proofreading, and it went through several iterations and you were loathe to make a change because they would have to retype the page or perhaps the entire document. So the ease of editing was very limiting."

—Art Gertel

"The pharmaceutical industry has always been a good, solid, often secure and well-paying profession for anyone in it. And medical writing plays a significant role in pharmaceutical development and getting new drugs to the market and then promoting them afterward."

—Max Losi